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Mission: to promote the progress of science and technology, to give back to society.
Vision: to rely on the team strength, pioneering spirit, and gradually grow into industry outstanding leaders.
Core: consensus, republican, create and share.
Mixer employees post
Consensus - members share a common ideal, and to realize the ideal for each policy to achieve a common agreement.
Republican - between people, maintain good communication, harmony, emotional harmony on behavior.
Create - everyone has innovation consciousness, focusing on the new direction of exploration and development, constantly create value for customers and consumers.
Sharing - the pursuit of all employees of both material and spiritual happiness.
Mixer enterprise article
Consensus - with partners share a common goal, and to achieve goals set by strategic cooperation with the understanding of the common agreement.
Republican - with broader long-term cooperation partners, to maintain consistent strategy and harmonious development.
Create - with partners committed to new technologies, new products and new market research and development, the pursuit of common progress.
Sharing - and partners to share the joy of achievement, realize a win-win situation.
Pieces of social article
Consensus within the scope of the good faith management, adhere to the social identity.
Republican - keeping the harmonious development of society and enterprises.
Create - is committed to the development of new technology, and promote social progress.
Sharing - the enterprise's value at the same time, to give back to society.
Team norms:
We want every member love work, love life, love, love the motherland, in addition to the professional technical knowledge and good personal quality, also need a competitive consciousness, crisis consciousness and team spirit, hardworking, yong bear responsibility, innovation and value-added.

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